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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gephyrophobia, Afghani Lamb, Critical Mass

3/28/2014 #222 38m
This was the first day in a while that wasn't wintry. It was windy but not bitter-winterish. Perhaps spring is approaching.

Phase One of today's ride started at Peggy's Marina with S, who has been off the bike for a while. We rode in some light rain to the two stadiums, at which point I crossed 1000 miles so far this year. Observed the Opening Day preparations at PNC park, and crossed the 6th Street Bridge into downtown. Stanwix Street (I think) and the Blvd to Smithfield St Bridge to Thick Bikes for some comparison of handlebar options. Great day for riding around.

Took the Hot Metal Bridge, the Jail Trail, and Smithfield St Bridge again to the Ft Pitt Bridge and the Ft. Duquesne Bridge. If you suffer from gephyrophobia, the fear of bridges, Pittsburgh might not be a bike-friendly city for you.

Rode to Oakland and got (Afghani) Lamb Tikka Kebab from Conflict Kitchen. I was left thinking the serving portion was a bit ungenerous, I was expecting skewers, but the meat was very tasty and the rice flavoring was very interesting.

Went over to Dippy and met a few riders for the Pittsburgh Critical Mass ride. We rode from Oakland to the Point via Fifth, and then back via Forbes. Nice ride, no problems, smoooooooth. Then I rode back to the vehicle at Peggy's Marina. 38 miles. Short pants; priceless.

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