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Friday, January 18, 2013

TGISF Thank Goodness I Survived Friday

1/18/13 20M 240#
A pretty straightforward ride, 20 miles.

Had a commitment to meet a friend's son for a geek-chat, rode the bike over to see him and his colleague. Rode over via a circuitous route, then a more direct line home, 19.99 miles on the meter.

A nice and uneventful ride, with the possible exception of an old lady in a Cadillac who right-hooked me. I could see it coming and she was kind enough to give me a foreplay kind of horn-honk, hey watch out I'm going to try to kill you, it's really crucial that I get to Target without any delay!. OTOH, I probably made a few mistakes myself today.

I think I'm always a little bit more spider-sense tingly on Friday afternoons, since statistically more car-on-cyclist fatalities happen then than other times of the week.

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