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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sitting on the Dock of the Chesapeake Bay

1/3/13 243# 15M
Circumstances brought me a happy opportunity for a short ride in temperate weather, between Aberdeen MD and Havre de Grace.

I love the bike route markings in Maryland and the way they offer distances to various towns, because they normalize the notion that somebody might actually ride their bicycle ten miles to another town.

Later in the day, I entered I-70 at a point near it's eastern origin and it had a sign listing distances to St. Louis and Denver. Clearly, the signmakers knew that there's not a lot of people in Maryland driving to Denver, but the sign gives a sense of the scope of the interstate highway system.

Similarly, the bicycle route distances listed to Susquehanna State Park give a sense of the scope of the possibilities of that system.

I really like these Maryland signs.

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