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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Even More Murals: Braille, DJ's, E-O Beer and Mosaics

1/10/2013 26M
This was a nice day to ride, relatively moderate temperatures, sunny skies, and the roads were clear. Today we rode in pursuit of a few last murals we had on our list, which for one reason or another we'd never found or ruled out.

Started off at the Bastille with S, rode around the NorthSide and then looked for an illuminated-visual-Braille mural by Lizzy Devita that had been photographed a few years ago at the Artist Image Resource Center at 518 Foreland Street. Back in the day it looked like this:

Fast forward to 2013 and it's seen better days, the lights and the Braille rigging are gone and the mural's quite faded.

I've also read a cryptic reference to a mural of an urban DJ and a sound system along East Ohio Street, so we went looking and found it in a locked courtyard at 415 East Ohio Street. It's also faded and weathered. It's marked as being done by Atomik-Arts but I can't tell much more about it.

Across the street at Schrim's Garden Cafe, East Ohio Street at Moravian Way, there's a whimsical advertisement for E-O (Early-n-Often) Beer. Very nice.

We rode around the city to Point Breeze to get a picture of this mosaic by Daviea Davis at the Point Brugge Cafe:

Then we worked around to 7108 Edgerton at Selkirk Way, where we'd read there was a house with a big mosaic on the side and that was certainly true.

Rode to Squirrel Hill for a snack, then to CMU, Junction Hollow, Jail Trail, Ft. Duquesne Bridge, and did a bit of DR-navigating to find Chateau Street since the trail wasn't hospitable and managed to get back to the Bastille without salmoning.

A very nice day, 26 miles and it felt really good.

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