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Monday, July 30, 2012

Memorial Ride

07/30/12 238# 32m
A very different sort of ride today, a memorial ride for James Price, a Pittsburgh bicyclist run over by a driver who killed Mr. Price and fled the scene.

Started riding in Millvale at midday, rode around to the stadia, Ft. Duquesne and Ft. Pitt bridges, South Side, Keystone Metals, Hot Metal Bridge, and Junction Hollow up to CMU and Fifth Avenue.

From there it was bike-map and GPS time to navigate out to Wilkinsburg and Point Breeze and Tioga Street, where Mr. Price's mother lives - tragically, the same block where Jordan Miles was beaten by Pittsburgh police. The plan called for a 3.30 muster for a memorial ride.

At 3.15 there were only two bicyclists there and I began to fear a poor turnout, but by 3.30 we had quite an array of bicyclists - relatives and friends from the neighborhood, and cyclists from all around the city and surrounding areas. It was quite a sight.

The ride was both somber and fun, with a motorcycle escort leading the way. The ride followed the route of James' ride until the point of the accident, at which the group stopped at a temporary memorial and some relatives and friends said a few words.

Back on the bike and over to the Church where the viewing was being held. The family was very gracious and positive and went out of their way to make all the outsiders on bicycles feel welcome.

YC told me that Mr. Price's Aunt said, "I understand that accidents happen and people get hurt and get killed on roads. What I don't understand is that they left him to die alone on the side of the road, like he was road kill".

Departed and tried to pick a route through to the 40th Street Bridge. Descended through Allegheny Cemetery and was surprised to find quite a few deer, who did not seem to mind it at all.

At sunset Bike-Pgh also put out a ghost bike near the scene of the crime.

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