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Monday, July 2, 2012

Boston, West Newton, Memphis Belle's doppleganger

07/02/12 244# 28m
Rode 28 miles on the Great Allegheny Passage.

Rode from Boston PA to West Newton PA along the GAP. It was a hot day, and my first ride since the Pittsburgh-DC ride of the previous week. This was a good chance to deal with several minor bike tweaks that needed to be done - adjusting the aero bars, cleaning the chain, retaping the handlebars, tightening the mirror mounts, etc.

There were quite a few bicyclists passing through the trailhead, mostly moving north through Dead Man's Hollow (which is quite tree-lined). Mostly seniors.

On the way back, we took advantage of the water-pump at the Dravo Cemetary camp ground. I love the water pumps along the trail, although I wonder if anybody is checking the water quality the way the NPS does along the C&O. The water was clear and delightfully cool.

At the end of the ride I saw a B17 Flying Fortress in the landing pattern for the Allegheny Airport - apparently the movie-prop Memphis Belle coming to town for 4th of July joyrides. I see the best things on bike rides.

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