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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Early Bird Doesn't Get Cooked

07/5/12 240# 32m
Rode from Boggs, which is my favorite trailhead ever on the Montour Trail, to Morganza Road and site of the new bridges.

A very nice day, quite warm, bright sun. I started early to try to beat the heat.

The National Tunnel was an oasis of cool and dark in an environment of hot and glare, I almost wanted to stay in the tunnel but that would indeed be very troll-like.

The new bridges look very snazzy, and it looks like the work remaining is the side walls of the bridges and the approach ramps.

On the return I stopped at the 980/50 intersection - which soon will be the one remaining bridge-to-be-built, I guess - and stopped at Lil's Grill for two ice teas, one for me and one for the water bottle. Very refreshing.

It does seem like the stretch between MP19 and MP21, which I think is the stretch on the airport side of Venice / Route 50, is bereft of shade now that the conversion to rail-and-trail is complete.

If the weather trend stays like this, I think the next six weeks will be times of early morning rides due to the heat.

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