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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HofBrauHaus Vantage Point

02/22/12 #238 28m
Rode 28miles in 41F.

Started at the Bastille riding on my road bike, an aluminum Trek1100 that I really haven't been on with since June. It was nice to be reacquainted, I really enjoy the light frame and the consequent acceleration. This bike has a noseless saddle and there's quite a loss of control from not being able to apply body english through the seat.

Rode around the Casino and out Washington's Landing, then the 31st Street Bridge. Rode Railroad Street to the Strip Trail, then popped out into the Strip District to check out PrestoGeorge for some tea shopping, very nice shop.

Back on the trail, Point State Park, Ft. Pitt Bridge, Southside Trail down to Keystone Metals. Reversed north under somewhat ominous skies, just a few drops of rain, nothing more came of that.

At the Hot Metal Bridge, the path around American Eagle to the new trail section appears to be open (the ramp from the bridge is still fenced off). Took the new trail around to the main plaza behind HofBrauHaus, it's all very impressive, see photo above.

Continued along the new space, past the large ingots and rejoined the SouthSide Trail to Station Square, Ft. Pitt and Ft. Duquesne bridges, and back to the Bastille. A very nice ride, it was great to be on the road bike, and it was a treat to ride the new trail segment behind American Eagle and HofBrauHaus.

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