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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffeeneuring: The Fountainhead Cafe

02/29/12 #235 11m 49F
Not a long ride, 11 miles around Monaca PA.

The day's rain stopped and the streets dried and there was enough daylight left for a ride for a cup of coffee so I took the road bike out and went to The FountainHead Cafe. I had a Latte and one of Corina's Cupcakes and they were both wonderful.

I asked John, one of the owners, if the name of the place was an Ayn Rand reference or a homage to the municipal fountain across the street, and he explained it was all about Ayn. (If he had been a mime, he might have hunched over and shrugged.)

I sat and enjoyed the coffee and the cupcake and got involved in a phone call and when the call was over I realized it was twilight, so I scooted back on the bike and rode home.

Very nice coffee shop, I'll be back there again.

The ride home went well, a few hills and it was a good ride.

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