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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GPS Bike GeoGlyph and Zen Pannier Racks

02/14/12 #235 0m

Following up on an earlier post on GPS-bike geoglyphs, and via ForTheLoveOfBikes, we have a Valentine's Day GPS-Bike GeoGlyph by Payam Rajabi for his girl Clare:

I've been seeking advice about bicycle camping, aka bike packing (vs. backpacking), in preparation for what I hope to do this spring and summer.

I've asked about the best tent/sleeping pad combo, and I've been getting a lot of feedback that the best tent isn't a tent, it's a Hennessy Hammock:

I've also been asking advice on other equipment, and I've been given another Zen-like paradox: rackless bike bags. Why carry the weight of racks?

So much to learn, and so much to unlearn.


  1. Morning, Type 2. Just found your blog. I would highly recommend against the pictured configuration. That would make for a very unwieldy bike, especially at low speeds. Most experienced tourists would recommend getting the weight as low as possible on your bike for stability. And a good set of racks would cost less than a pound of weight. Not much when weighed against your total poundage (no pun intended). -- Chuck

  2. Hello NCVeloMan, thanks for the comment and: I agree. I've got racks on all my bikes, even my road bike, and I'm staying with them - I appreciate the capability they bring.

    But I'm always glad to see people innovating and teasing around the edges, and this "rackless touring" - for the ultralight folks - does seem like an interesting development. Cheers, Vannevar (Type2)