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Monday, July 25, 2016

Mid-July in Confluence

7.15.2016 21m
7.16.2016 3m
7.17.2016 22m
7.18.2016 3m
mtd:68 ytd:1163
I was pleased to spend a few days cat-feeding and house-sitting in Confluence. I really like this town, and got to ride around a bit.

7.21.2016 13m
7.22.2016 12m
July EOM:93 ytd:1188
July 21 was an errand day, I love riding around Pittsburgh on my bike. Treated myself at the top of Allegheny Cemetery to cooling off my feet with their water spout.

July 22 I got to ride with some visitors, and encountered a Scout troop from Texas that I'd had a small part in planning their trip. They had tremendous jerseys, the three pockets on the back each had a city's flag: Pittsburgh, Cumberland, DC. Totally cool.

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