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Friday, May 20, 2016

Honus Wagner PhotoBomb, Bird Feeder, Generic Borg

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5.20.2016 38m
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Thursday I biked around town to a meeting. Stopped at BigDog, asked what kind of iced tea they had: "Ginger Plum". That would be a great alias-name.

Seen in the wild: a cyclist Facebook'd a photo of the gear they're carrying on the GAP, and my TrailGuide was included. Very exciting.

Friday I got to ride with a group visiting Pittsburgh for a seminar. This was the pre-ride photo, with a Honus Wagner photobomb going on. (Gerry stopped to take a picture, too)

We rode out to Washington's Landing, 16th St Bridge, Penn Ave, Convention Center, Point, Hot Metal Bridge, Station Square, RTB. Pittsburgh shows well to bicyclists. Saw Shanna, Rusty, and Marko which was great.

After the tour, I ran a few more errands. Stopped at Gasoline Street Coffee for a macchioto, excellent. Very sorry to read that on today's Bike To Work Day morning shuffle, two cyclists (separate incidents) were hit by cars and injured.

There is no reliable data on cyclist injuries or car-on-cyclist collisions resulting in injuries. Most of the cyclist-into-hospital crashes I know of, never make the media. We don't have any measurement of what's going on out there, it's all anecdotal and random.

I needed to send mail, so I rode to the Post Office building on Grant Street. Guess what? They've been closed for years. Big piece of empty real estate.

While unlocking my bike, I saw this flash of good spirit with a woman who was feeding birds. It's a funny piece of land, sitting forsaken between highway ramps going to Other Places, a hostile and barren taint of Pittsburgh that she worked her way out to in an act of kindness. Unknown Pittsburgher, I salute you.

Riding through the Strip District, saw a significant police presence scattered around the area where there's been street fights between students when local schools let out. Saw two bike officers sticking their water bottles into a big white cube, which looked fairly Generic Borg:

Turns out it dispenses water, and not just water: Seltzer water, "still" water, filtered water. This gizmo dispenses free, cold seltzer and if it's an alien spaceship or a DHS observation post, I love it anyway. Cold, free seltzer.

Nice ride for me; pretty weather and went all over town. The two cyclists struck and taken to hospital sucks.

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