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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

GAP C&O Bike Trail Guide, Pittsburgh DC

Golden Triangle Bike, trip planning, support, rental bikes and shuttlesAfter leading a lot of bicycle tour groups from Pittsburgh to DC (and DC to Pittsburgh), and in conjunction with Golden Triangle Bike, I've developed a Trail Guide for the GAP and C&O trails. The purpose is to help you navigate the trails from Pittsburgh to DC, help you maintain situational awareness while you're adventuring, and help you make informed decisions as events arise.

This package of route charts, drilldown area maps, and addresses with GPS coordinates will fit easily in a bike jersey pocket or a handlebar bag and is designed to avoid information overload.

The Trail Guide is designed by a cyclist, for a cyclist riding the trail; it's not a car map. Our Trail Guide is an artisanal cartography project. We've curated and hand-assembled it to deliver important information while avoiding the non-essentials. We think it's better than anything else; you'll find it delightful and useful.

Pittsburgh to DC bike GAP trail book Pittsburgh - DC bike trip guide, GAP C&O W&OD, Custis Trail DC option, Leesburg VA to DC bike trip
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There's a lot of up-front information before you begin the adventure, and you'll learn a lot enroute. This Trail Guide lets you bring along expert insights to reduce uncertainty and make a satisfying experience more likely. When you consider the cost of your trip in time, schedule blocking, and cost — it's a smart investment.

The GAP-C&O Trail Guide is available for $24.95 at Golden Triangle Bike's location on the Great Allegheny Passage, at Mile Marker 149 (one mile from Point State Park). If you're not in Pittsburgh and want to order it over the phone, they'll ship it for $6.95 Priority Mail postage for a total of $31.90. Call 412.600.0675

If you prefer to purchase via Amazon, click here: Trail Guide for Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and C&O Canal Towpath Trail // Pittsburgh to Washington DC bike guide.

bike DC Pittsburgh trail guide map
     C&O Canal Towpath Trail Guide Route, Paw Paw WV & Little Orleans, MD

  • Includes coordinates for road crossings and trailheads to simplify connecting with support vehicles.
  • Identifies areas of low- or no-cellphone coverage so you'll know in advance when you'll be incommunicado.
  • Highlights the "must-see" portions of each segment for riders who aren't going to ride every mile, but want to see the key sights
  • identifies restrooms, portajohns, water, food, shopping, lodging, camping, bike shops, tool stations
  • links to a customized Google-map showing the route with tags
  • primary and alternate routes, including the W&OD transition and the paved WMRT

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