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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

the Yinzer Saks Fifth Avenue

Wed 6/10 27miles
Started early in Manchester-Chateau by the Bastille. Recently, the Pittsburgh Orbit identified a tiny castle in a Strip District alley: Spring Way between 21st and 22nd Streets,

Today I discovered where the kingdom keeps it's fleet of galleons: the North Side.

After my meeting I rode the route of this upcoming Friday's Rainbow Ride, sponsored by 412Flock!

This building was once the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange. Then it was a (gay) dance club named Zach's Fourth Avenue, which I think was a yinzer play-on-words regarding Saks Fifth Avenue. Amazing facade. (interior photos, PG).

I met YC and we stopped for Egg Creams in Klavons. ++ Then Yale opened one of his water bottles which he'd filled with June-berries (aka service-berries) Double-yum.

In Point State Park, there's a Negative Energy Absorber prototype being demo'd. So I rested my own Entropy Dissipator against it, and the universe did not explode. At least not this universe.

BikeShare will never work in Pittsburgh. Or maybe it will, but only in downtown. Nobody on the Northside would ever use it, where would they go?

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