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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Scouting Ride, Transit Trails

Sun 6/7 24m
Sunday I started out at the Bastille, crossed the 6th Street Bridge, then did something I've wanted to do for a while - rode Bigelow Blvd from downtown out to Oakland. It was a nice ride, a persistent climb but no redundant grade.

Went to the Coffee Mocha on Baum to meet up with some FlockFolkx. Nice building, really clean, great great air conditioning. Had my first iced coffee of the year.

Received an envelope in the mail from Madison County (Illinois) Transit. What's novel is: they view bike trails as transit assets. The Transit Agency runs the trails. Wowsa. They produce a really great map, you could get your own map here.

Great 412Flock meeting. Flock is doing several bridge-building rides this year - Cinco de Mayo, Rainbow Ride during Gay Pride Week, a Labor Tour, a Día de Muertos ride, the Channukah Ride - and I really appreciate that. To me, it's the bicycle version of #NextBurgh.

Departed and rode a segment of Friday's Rainbow Ride. 24 miles.

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