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Friday, May 8, 2015

North Side, South Side, All Around the Town

5.8.2015 26m
Rode with a group from PNC Park on the NorthSide, out the Jail Trail to Hot Metal Bridge, then the SouthSide Trail to Ft.Pitt Bridge.

Rode the Allegheny River Trail out to the Convention Center, then the Penn Ave Bikelane inbound to the 6th Street Bridge, back to the NorthSide.

Struck out on my own, rolled down East Carson St. Stopped at O'Leary's for something to eat; great food but a hot space. Continued to Big Dog Coffee, used the wifi and had a pour-over. Finally, back to the Penitentiary and the car.

5.9.2015 13m
Rode with a group from Golden Triangle. Jail Trail to Hot Metal, SouthSide Trail to Ft.Pitt Bridge, Allegheny River Trail to Convention Center, Penn Ave Bike Lane to 6th Street. Roberto Clemente Bridge over to Fred Rogers, then the Ft. Duquesne Bridge. Blvd of the Allies back to the Jail Trail.

Today I think I finally got the fore-and-aft video camera thing mostly figured out.

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