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Friday, May 15, 2015

Bike to Work Week

Sat, May 9 (12 miles)
Mon, May 11 (21 miles)
Thur, May 14 (17 miles)
Fri, May 15 (17 miles)
Sat, May 16 (25 miles)

Saturday I rode around the city with a tour group that was composed of several pairs and trios. Nice folks, we rode around SouthSide and the NorthSide.

Monday was the first day of Bike To Work Week, so I rode from a meeting in Oakland to a work meeting with a web shop on Penn Avenue. Gosh it was hot. Saw Ray while I was waiting for the meeting in a restaurant. Saw @RickAroundHere at a nearby table. I like to think he was tweeting, wow guess who's sitting near me? That bike guy. Maybe not.

Saw this mural by Jennifer Howison at Sidewall on South Millvale, The Wanderer.

The Wanderer seemingly free
Preoccupied by her captivity
Pushing only the walls within her comfort zone
The house is changing
Wandering about wondering who will be there

Great meeting. I must have looked a mess when I went in, the kindhearted staffer asked "Would you like some water?" After the meeting I rode up California Avenue, using the new switchback by PAT's headquarters, then McKees Rocks Bridge and Neville Island into Coraopolis.

Thursday I got to ride around Pittsburgh with three travel writers, that was interesting. My takeaway is that being a travel writer is possibly great deal, although you must put yourself into the hands of strangers and probably endure a lot of boosterism, and you probably can't take a nap whenever you want because the hosts really want you to see a lot of great stuff.

Friday was BikeToWork day and I could. not. make. it. because I had a medical test at 0830 that seemed to be important. Friday was also the May 412Flock! ride. This was a good group of 21 riders. Excellent tunes, sort of a techno-klezmer-polka vibe. This ride ended on Washington's Landing, as all the cyclists rolled up to the same spot that a couple had chosen for a romantic candle-light and wine assignation. Oops.

Saturday I rode with my wife's book-reading group from Deal PA to Cumberland MD. Nice ride (downhill!), no casualties and the rain held off until we were done. It was a well-organized ride, they had a support bus advancing to Frostburg, the Mile9 rest stop, and Helmstettler's Curve.

Also of interest: there's an integrated calendar of Underwear Rides, Slow Roll Rides, and Flock Rides.

Tues, May 19 (21 miles)

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