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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Viva Millvale

1.17.2015 25m 241#
Started at the Bastille with my wife Karen in about 35F, which warmed up to 45F during the afternoon.

Seeking to avoid the remaining ice turds, we crossed into downtown and rode outbound to the 40th Street Bridge, then crossed the Allegheny River again to the north shore. Arrived at St. Nicholas' Churh in Millvale at 12:57, just in time for the last tour of the day. (They're at 11, 12, and 1pm Saturdays)

The Maxo Vanka murals inside of St. Nicholas' are remarkable. They depict Croatian-Catholic imagery along with comments on war, industrialization, and capitalism. Amazing stuff.

This is my favorite panel, depicting a wealthy financier of 1941 reading his stocks at the table - while a poor man grovels for scraps under the table. (not shown in this image)

The docent's briefing is really excellent, they point out a lot of things I'd never recognize on my own. Highly recommended. Free of charge, but they accept donations for the preservation of the murals.

When in Millvale... Pamela's Rode into town and over to Pamela's for strawberry pancakes. Found a newly mounted bike rack:

Pamela's FTW. nom nom nom.

Back on the bike. Used the sidewalk (rather than the fugazy bike lane) up to the 40th Street Bridge. Rode inbound, stopped at 35th and Charlotte to see Mr. Raymer's newest artwork:

Rode to the Hot Metal Bridge and over to Thick Bikes. I wanted a thingy to mount a light, they had exactly what I needed. I love a bike shop where you can say, I need a thingy and they accept that as a valid request.

Later in the day, one of my top-two-favorite progeny gave me a bike-gift, a little airplane with a big spinner in the front. This is very cool, plus it's always great when you realize your kid gets you.

I have thought of placing a small windsock on my bike to show the relative wind, or maybe a bit of ribbon like sailors put up on the top of the mast.

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