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Friday, January 2, 2015

Consilio Non Impetu - Glen Osborne Borough

1.2.2015 29m 32F
Rode from the Rez to Sewickley, had a few extra minutes and extended the ride through Glen Osborne - which I only Columbus'd a few weeks ago.

It's a very nice neighborhood, looks like Olde Money, very bike-conducive. I like the coat-of-arms on the street-sign (above) and with a little work, that wagon-wheel or ship's-helm thingy could be a fat bike tyre.

From the Glen Osborne website: The Borough's motto, "Consilio Non Impetu," translates from Latin as "Wisdom, Not Impulse," which we think is a good rule for a government to follow.

Reversed into Sewickley, met some friends for coffee. Emerged into major darkness around 7pm and really enjoyed the dark ride home. All the cars were very courteous. One opposite-direction pickup truck paused at a stop sign as I approached. They rolled down the driver's window and asked, "what is that?"

Little moments like that tell me I've got enough lights running. I love those moments.

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