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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Serendipitous Mulligatawny Soup at The Pub Chip Shop

1/9/2014 33m #216 30F
Rode with S today, starting at the Bastille. Roads were generally clear, shoulders and trails were generally snowy with some ice.

Intending to go the the Braddock Community Cafe, we rode around North Side Streets to run an errand at the Humane Society, then crossed the Jail Trail and took Blvd of the Allies*. Joined the Jail Trail and, unsure of which way to proceed, chose adventure and crossed the Hot Metal Bridge (where we saw Mikhael) and then joined the SouthSide Trail.

Conditions were not terrible. The trail was snow-covered, but it wasn't too deep and it wasn't icy.

This is the Glenwood Bridge, from a position just northwest of Keystone Metals:

The trail did become considerably more challenging near Keystone Metals, where it gets very little sunlight due to the surrounding hills. The Sandcastle Trail was better, and we stayed on the road through the Waterfront. We transitioned to the Rankin Bridge and into Braddock, and unfortunately the Braddock Cafe had a broken water pipe with the temperatures so they were temporarily shut down.

We reversed course along the same route, planning on going to Piper's Pub in SouthSide. Right next to Piper's Pub, at The Pub Chip Shop, we saw a sidewalk sign advertising Mulligatawny Soup which is something I've been seeking for quite a while. So we went in there.

Turns out, Piper's Pub is the Scottish sit-down restaurant and The Pub Chip Shop is their new takeout facility, same owners - which is very cool. I had the Chicken Mulligatawny soup, and S had a "pasty". Although some people would tell you that Scotland is not known for their cuisine, this was very good food.

Departing we encountered the Ironic Photo of the Day (IPOTD), a booted and locked car with an Unlocked logo.

The SouthSide trail wasn't a great surface, so we went back to the local streets and rode to the Smithfield Street Bridge. Crossed the Ft. Duquesne Bridge and attempted to use the Chateau Trail, but that was not conducive to forward movement so we bailed to the streets and made out way back to the vehicles. 33 miles, a great day.

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