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Friday, January 10, 2014

Ice, Ice, Fall Down Go Boom #FDGB

1/10/2014 40F 38m #216
This was a great day for a bike ride, started off around 32F and ended around 44F.

S and I began at the Bastille around 1130, unfortunately missing YC by a few minutes. We rode to Point State Park, where we noticed the tree is being disassembled, and then out the Blvd and the Jail Trail. Conditions on the Chateau Trail and Jail Trail were significantly better than what we encountered yesterday, but there was still a lot of slush and water on the trails.

The Koi Pond on the Chateau Trail was more frozen over than we've seen it. There was a hallowed-out space between the ice crust and the waterfall, it was very pretty. The photo doesn't do it justice.

We rode the Southside Trail and the Sandcastle Trail, and the Steel Valley Trail. Passing over the Whittaker Flyover Bridge, we could see that the remaining snow did a good job of outlining the possible path of the Braddock Trail Connector, so we took a photo.

Continuing south-east, we saw two frozen waterfalls, very pretty. This first one spilled over into an ice accumulation on the trail below.

We rode through Duquesne and out to the Riverton Bridge, where we reversed course. As we returned, the change in conditions was quite evident - less ice/slush, more water/pavement which was great. Approaching the SouthSide Trail, we were aware of the chronic frozen-over area south of the office park, but one of us still managed to fall on the ice. Fortunately, Bumbles Bounce™.

Stopped at BigDogCoffee for a Mocha Bianca and a chocolate chip cookie. Used the Jail Trail (where we saw Ben Y.) and First Avenue to get to Point State Park. Coming around the Fred Rogers statue on the NorthSide, saw an accumulation of ice floes and sea gulls. I don't know where the sea gulls came from, I've never seen that many around.

The final segment on the Chateau Trail was uneventful. A great ride on a relatively warm day. 38 miles.

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