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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday Sojourn

01/22/12 #234 19m
Rode 19 miles in 34F.

Today was a bright blue afternoon, highlighting the still-white half-foot of snow on the ground. With a temp of 34F and a promise of rain tomorrow, and with not having ridden for six days, I really needed to ride.

I rode on streets in Beaver County (Center, Hopewell, Aliquippa) that don't see a lot of bicycles compared to the city, and furthermore with the recent snow the shoulders weren't rideable, so I was taking the lane in an area not used to it.
Everybody was very nice - which I usually find in cold temperatures, as long as they can see you they give you a little more of a bubble when you're out in Rule5 weather.

It's interesting to me that (with the exception of toes and fingers) the most frequent issue in winter riding is overheating.

The ride kicked my butt a little more than I thought it would, I'm not sure whether it's de-conditioning over a 6-day layoff or an incipient flu that's been hinting for a rollout. I'd like to play the normal bicyclist's card and say "this was a recovery day" but that's a stretch after a 6-day layoff.

One man (surprise!) yelled something at me, I chose to think it was a compliment on my front blinky. There's a lot of grit and runoff on the roads from a recent storm, hopefully tomorrow's rain will clear that up.

It was good to be back on the bike.

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