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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Meatspace Goals

1/08/12 #241
There is perhaps no better obfuscation than covering for a day of no riding by describing goals for 2012. These are my meatspace goals; subjects for emotional, spiritual, and/or intellectual growth are left for another time.

My last year's goal was 3500 miles and I rode 4500 miles, which was great. On reflection it also missed the point, because I ended the year weighing 240 pounds, most of the year I weighed 230 and that's just not good for a Type2 Diabetic who wants to keep his toes.

I've fallen into the Fallacy of Faulty Quasi-Metrics; I seized on measuring something that was easily quantified, somewhat related to the desired outcomes, and enjoyable.

My 2012 goals will be primarily weight-driven and secondarily mileage-driven. Although 2011 was a big leap in mileage for me, since I have just retired my likelihood of achieving the same mileage is pretty good, and I would think that I could easily do better - what with not working and that.

So, my 2012 goals will be
  • 215 pound weight for six months
  • becoming an intentional eater
  • 6000 bike miles (outside only, trainers don't count)

My sub-goals will be
  • quantification and review of my eating
  • discipline in evening snacking
  • less Diet Coke, more H20
  • Riding around the Chesapeake Bay OR riding the Natchez Trace
  • Doing several multi-day rides
  • Riding Pgh-DC at least once
  • spending some/more time on my road bike
  • experimenting with bicycle camping

My approach will include:
  • riding with others when I can
  • promiscuously joining group rides
  • updating the LHT drivetrain in either Spring or Fall
  • attempt to use the ubiquitious smartphone as some sort of Quantified Self-type (QS) asset
  • striving to avoid divorce

So, nowhere in my goals does the word "diabetes" occur. I want to be defined by exercise and nutrition and healthiness, not by diabetes or diagnosis, and my (hitherto) implicit assumption is that if I do a good job on weight and exercise, keeping the diabetes into a somewhat normal range will follow.

Achieving this would be will be wonderful.

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  1. Go Go Go!!!

    P.S. I ride an LHT too. Great vehicle the big guys.