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Friday, April 15, 2011

Benefits of Procrastination on Tax Day

4/15/11 #234
41.7 miles

4/15/11 Week 15 // Miles this week: 72 //Miles 2nd quarter: 137 // miles this year: 448

April 15th is always a very effective day for me, I usually take the day off far in advance, and then I spend the day doing all the small tasks I've been procrastinating and delaying for months in order to actually procrastinate doing my taxes. That's how much of a procrastination ninja I am - I can actually get things done and still be second-level delaying. The taxes don't get done, but everything else does.

Today I took the racks off my Surly bike, cleaned the hardware and remounted them (front and rear this time) using Blue Loctite gel (which is awesome), just because it's a tragedy when these things go loose in the middle of nowhere. I did some other small fidgeting on the bike, the rear brake cable needed to be adjusted, new batteries in all the lights, the rear lights needed a new kludge to keep them aligned, etc.

I took advantage of the weather and rode 41.7 miles in 3h18 minutes. I tried to get finished four minutes earlier (pi time is 3.14), but it was not to be. I rode on the Montour Trail from Boggs to the trailside Farmhouse Coffee in McMurrary/Peters, which is a favorite stop of mine. I had a hot chocolate and a pastry then returned.

Sightings included a recumbent racing trike that had dual headlights on it, it looked sharp and was going quite fast. Since I was on the trail, I indulged myself in listening to NPR on the radio, totally excellent.

Trail conditions were very good, the National Tunnel is quite wet but the ice is gone.

It's supposed to rain on Saturday, I'll do the taxes then.

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