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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Coffeeneur 2018-5 The Beehive in Southside

Nov.10, 2018. Picked up my LHT at world-famous Thick Bikes. They did a lot of work on it; a new beefy rear-wheel, replaced cables, new chainrings, new cassette, new chain, and they installed a new Surly-made plate to stabilize the kickstand. I highly recommend Thick Bikes.

The new cassette is a Shimano HG-500, and my rear big-ring (granny gear) is a 42-tooth cog. Matched with my small front chainring of 20-teeth, this gives me a low gear-inch value of 12.9 gear-inches (R/F*27). This pleases me greatly. The cassette rings are 11,13,15,18,21,24,28,32,37,42 which is an amazing array.

3.5 miles. Coffeenuring at Southside Beehive. The latte was above average. I generally really avoid the Beehive because there tends to be a persistent shithead factor in the crowd, mainly because they sell booze cheap in addition to good coffee. But on today's ride, it was the local indy coffee shop that was a natural, and I'd rather go there than Starbucks. There's something dissonant about Coffeeneuring and Starbucks. There is a bike rack around the corner. It's not a very secure place to lock your precious bike.

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