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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Errandonnee: Libraries and Memorials

Mar.25, 2017 13m
Mar mtd: 61m ytd: 329

Errandonne 2017-10 : Arts & Entertainment. Rode to the Little Free Library off Franklin Ave in Aliquippa, deposited my recently acquired (and read) copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X (as told to Alex Hailey).

Errandonnee 2017-11 : Non-Store Errand. Rode to the Taylor Lee Banks Ghost Bike on Route 51, State Bike Route A. Being out in the elements, especially the wind, has blown the ghost bike around. A few zip ties and it was "ship-shape and Bristol-fashion".

Total Errandonnee Miles: 30, of 30 required

The categories, Seven of Which Must be Satisfied, with Four Six Seven Accomplished:

  • Personal Care ✔ (6,8)
  • Personal Business ✔ (4)
  • You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!
  • Arts and Entertainment ✔ (2,10)
  • Non-Store Errand (11)
  • Social Call ✔ (7)
  • Work or Volunteering ✔(3,9)
  • Store ✔ (1,5)
  • Wild Card (surprise me!)

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