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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Talking About Shaft

1.7.2016 15m mtd:25 ytd:25
Went out for a short ride with Y today. Rode from Oakland to Baldwin, saw ice on the trail in Baldwin's The Valley of the Shadow of Eagles. Went over the Ft Pitt Bridge and called it a day because: no gloves! I hate when I do that.

Saw a lot of cyclists out. It's really great to roll up to an intersection and see a handful of cyclists waiting for the light.

Today the design winner for Portland Bike Share bicycles was announced. The program will be called BikeTown and will be sponsored by Nike. If you were to design a bikeshare for the rainy Pacific NorthWest, what would you do different from Pittsburgh? Shaft Drive instead of chain drive.

This will be really interesting. A major fleet of drive-shaft bikes in a city with wet weather, detailed maintenance records and diverse riders. Evidence instead of anecdotes. So much goodness.

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