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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Armchair Cycling 2015-2: Natchez Trace

Today's bit of armchair cycling is a plan to ride the Natchez Trace, south to north, camping and unsupported. We are indebted to Burgh cyclist DaniK for her 2014 trip report.

Day 1, MP0 in Natchez to MP55 in Rocky Springs (55 miles)
Day 2, MP55 Rocky Springs to MP115 Goshen Springs (60 miles)
Day 3, MP115 Goshen Springs to MP193 Jeff Busby (78 miles)
Day 4, MP193 Jeff Busby to MP266 Tupelo (73 miles)
Day 5, MP266 Tupelo to MP327 Colbert Ferry (61 miles)
Day 6, MP327 Colbert Ferry to MP388 Meriwether Lewis (61 miles)
Day 7, MP388 Meriwether Lewis to MP445 Northern Terminus (57 miles)

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