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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Viking Biking

3/23/2013 28M
Off the bike for an extended period with pneumonia. Feeling better, thank you; today's forecast called for 40F and blue skies, and today was the Annual Viking Biking Ride and I couldn't pass it up, especially with tomorrow's forecast calling for four to six inches of snow.

Today's ride started at the Bastille at 1000 with S. We rode through Lawrenceville out to 57th Street catching some murals, then reversed and rode across the Smithfield Street Bridge to Riverfront Park and met the group forming up for the Viking Biking.

The Vikings rode to Downtown and then through the Strip District inbound, and the people shopping in the Strip seemed amused at the Viking invasion.

It was so good to be out on the bike again, although it was a lot more work than it usually is.

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