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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reversion to the Norm

2/7/13 22M 241#
This has possibly been my longest hiatus from riding in over a year, 18 days. It's been a bit of real winter and once you start trying to be reasonable it becomes a habit and you stop riding your bike.

Fortunately, today's forecast promised better and it delivered. Started at about 29F at 1130 and ended at about 44F at 5pm, 22 miles on a very nice day and I am pleased to discover I can still ride a bike.

Started at the Bastille with S, rode over to PPG Plaza and then over to Strawberry Way looking for some artwork which has not stood the test of time, only two of the original six pieces are still there.

Checked out the Art Institute Dinosaur, who is dressed for Mardi Gras:

Crossed over the Smithfield Street bridge, where I was completely out-classed and out-hi-viz'd by Mr. Tom Stewart and his Slo-Mo Reflective Keystone, which puts my rather pedestrian triangle to shame. Plus, it's just cool to meet a cyclist with a BikeCentennial patch on their bag. I had a serious case of hi-viz coveting going.


Rode through the SouthSide, hit Cafe Davio for some omelettes, went across the Birmingham Bridge to check out Sir Samelot in hopes he was dressed for St. Valentine's Day but he's wearing his normal battle dress, nothing fancy.

From Uptown we checked out Gist Street, then rode into Oakland to check the Alphabet Dinosaur.

Rode to Bloomfield and through Allegheny Cemetery, then Butler Street and Penn Avenue to the 16th Street Bridge, took a picture just because it was so pretty out.

Saw several bicyclists out today including two bicycle police, a messenger at PPG, Mr. Stewart on his 'bent, and a smattering of others in the afternoon as it warmed up. A hint of spring to come. It was so good to get back on the bike.

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